supernatural meme: [2/4] relationships→ Sam x Castiel

Nothing is worth losing you.
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From Dad to Dean in 6 seconds! #SPN #901 #hiatusbeard (x)

From Sam to daddy in 6 seconds! @jarpad #hiatussideburns (x)

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1.08 | Bugs

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favorite moment per episode: supernatural

hollywood babylon (2.18)

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Dean: I’m sorry, I didn’t quite understand that, uh, Mr. Peanut butter and banana sandwich!

Sam: You know what, I stand by that sandwich!

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Gif Request --> Hallucifer, 7.15
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Captives (9x14)
(or: my ongoing compulsion to make a gifset every time Sam’s not wearing multiple layers of plaid)

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Sam being the most heartbreaking human being on earth.

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